Giancarlo Cadei presentation

I am a software engineer with over 25 years of experience in developing successful software projects across various industries. I’ve danced the tango with both Waterfall and Agile methodologies, wrangled with testing technologies, and dabbled in a veritable buffet of languages, frameworks, and application servers.

Sure, I might not be a deep expert in every single technology under the sun, but I’ve been around long enough to remember when “debugging” meant swatting actual bugs away from the computer. My journey from the '80s to now has taught me that finding the right methodologies and technologies to solve problems is the ultimate superpower.

I’m passionate about problem-solving, exploring new technologies, and passing on my knowledge to the next generation of tech enthusiasts. I pride myself on providing reliable service and support to both customers and colleagues – because let’s face it, happy customers are less likely to send me frantic emails at 3 AM.

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Hi Giancarlo, it’s a nice surprise to find you on board this innovative project. You will find that you too can make an excellent contribution.

Hi Calogero, thank you!

Hi Giancarlo, pleased to meet you. Did you join also our Telegram channel? It is here

Hi Michele,
thank you, I join for sure.

Thank you
Kind regards