Integrating SvelteKit with Nuvolaris with an adapter

SvelteKit is a nice framework built on top of Svelte. One interesting feature is the ability to run some parts of the code, which is usually client-side, on the server.
The main use is for prerendeing functions, allowing to show to search engine and crawlers static html while it is actually generated in javascript. The trick is to move on the server some parts that are usually client-side only.
The magic happens within the Svelte compiler, that generates functions that can run on the servers, and some adapters that deploy them in the various environment. The nice thing is you can write your adapter.
There are already some native adapters available, most notably those for Vercel, for CloudFlare and for native json.
We want to implement a Nuvolaris adapter, allowing to deploy the backend functions generated by SvelteKit in Nuvolaris and in general on OpenWhisk based serverless environments.

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