Nuvolaris v0.3 release process

The Nuvolaris v0.3 release process has begun, and the going gets tough. It’s time to test everything everywhere and automatically!

While version 0.1 was a prototype made in a week and version 0.2 took two months of work by a single developer, version 0.3 has required eight months of work by three developers.

In the v0.3 we have:

  • a completely reengineered CLI
  • SSL
  • support for MongoDB and Minio integrated as well as Redis
  • static front-end publishing
  • multi-user of everything, services included
  • login system

To release it, we set ourselves quite strict criteria and, as always, we test everything automatically. There are unit and integration tests in each component, and for the release we have an acceptance test, also open source. Here it is:

Tests are run with GitHub actions, and must go to GitHub.
Furthermore, we publish the test matrix and report our progress.

The goal is to test all the features in all the Kubernetes we support: K3S, MicroK8S, EKS, AKS, GKE, OpenShift, running the CLI under Linux, Windows and Mac. That’s 83 “boxes” to tick. At the moment the first test passes: the serverless engine (OpenWhisk) works in a local kubernetes with Kind.

Now it is “only” a question of passing the other 82 cases.

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