Plugin Support for Nuv

Plugins works with way:

Currently it will look for tasks in a few places, including olaris in current folder and in ~/.nuv

If you type nuv <plugin> and it is not found in the usual places, plugins hook here: if there is no task found in those places, it will look first in ./olaris- and then in ~/.nuv/olaris- for plugin tasks. If found, it sets NUV_ROOT to the found plugin and continue searching there.

Also you need to add -plugin to install a plugin in ~/.nuv

Nuv without arguments, in addition to printing nuvopts should also print Plugins: and the list of the found plugins.

And finally nuv -plugin <repo> should install (or update) a plugin from a github repo.

If it mandatory the name of the repo is olaris-<plugin> and it will be simply cloned or update in ~/.nuv/olaris-.

I started working on it and opened a draft PR. I already can visit all olaris-* folders to find new tasks but have to finish the nuv -plugin tool and add the plugins list in the help message!